Chocolate Dipped Breadsticks

Our original breadsticks are great for dipping in almost everything! You've  probably tried them with hummus, dips and cheese and they are all great…but have you ever tried them with chocolate?

Chocolate dipped breadsticks are the perfect dessert or snack to munch on. They can be done in minutes and are fun to decorate for any gathering or holiday!

We prefer our original flavored breadsticks for this quick and easy recipe (but feel free to explore any of our other flavors).  

The ingredients and steps are easy.

Chocolate Dipped Breadsticks Recipe


Chocolate of your choice - dark, milk or white - chips, chunks or chopped

Our Original Breadsticks

Parchment paper

Optional toppings:

Walnuts - chopped

Pistachios - chopped


Dried fruit pieces


Melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave or in a double boiler still until melted

Once the chocolate is completely melted stir until smooth and take off the burner if using a double boiler. Lay some parchment paper on the counter top and begin dipping your breadsticks in the chocolate and lay them flat on the parchment paper. 

Another great way to add some chocolate to your breadsticks (or flatbread)  is to drizzle some chocolate on them using a spoon rather than dipping them, the choice is yours!

Now that your breadsticks are covered in chocolate, start by adding your toppings, they can be sprinkles, walnuts, pistachios or even fruit! Sprinkle the toppings over the chocolate and let set for a  few minutes.

Eat and enjoy!


These crunchy and delicious snacks also make for some fun table decor. They look great displayed individually or in a vase. We’d love to see how you use our original breadsticks to make your own chocolate treats. Tag us on Instagram! #jennifershomemade  #TasteTheLove