Prosciutto Wrapped Breadsticks

Good snacks are a must!

If you are hosting a small gathering at home, a cocktail party or just hanging out with friends ,we’ve got you covered.

Here’s one simple way to fancy up your snack game with only two ingredients! Our breadsticks wrapped with prosciutto. 


Our Original Breadsticks                               

Prosciutto or thinly sliced meats 


Pick one of our breadstick flavors (or all 3) 

Wrap Prosciutto onto the breadstick

Serve with olives and cheese

Prosciutto wrapped breadsticks make for a tasteful and fulfilling snack. Offer a couple more appetizers to your guests and you’ve just turned this 2-in-1 snack into a small or personal sized charcuterie board,

Try these prosciutto wrapped breadsticks at your next event (trust us, your guest will thank you)