Refreshing, Crunchy & Delicious

Our flatbread can be paired with countless toppings and make a great snack for any occasion or time of day. 

This week's pick is our original flatbread paired with sliced cucumber and pistachios. This is a great snack to enjoy for breakfast ,out by the pool, or simply just because (that's always the best occasion)!


Our Original Flatbread 

Crushed Pistachios

Sliced Cucumbers 

Cream Cheese

Parsley, Cilantro (our favorite) and/or mint 


Spread cream cheese onto your flatbread 

Slice your cucumber to your liking 

Sprinkle some crushed pistachios 

Add parsley, cilantro or mint

This recipe also pairs well with both our rosemary flatbread (if you like some extra flavor) and our salt and pepper flatbread for some extra spice!