Taste the love . . .

Chocolate Dipped Breadsticks!

Jennifer's Homemade breadsticks - flatbread will work too!                   

Chocolate - dark (our favorite!), milk or white

Sea salt - for sprinkling

Sanding sugar - for sprinkling

Cayenne pepper - for an extra kick



Melt the chocolate so it is smooth - we prefer a double boiler but the microwave will do.

Dip the breadsticks and flatbread

we like 1/3 of the breadstick dipped

Sprinkle with salt, sugar or a touch of cayenne

Lay on parchment until it sets.

Salty, sweet, delicious.


Our take on avocado toast. 

Only we did the toasting for you! 

Easy, healthy, delicious.


Jennifer's Homemade Flatbread original, rosemary or salt & pepper for an extra kick

Avocado - smashed

Cucumbers - sliced
Extra Virgin Olive Oil - drizzled 
Cilantro - sprinkled
Sea Salt - sprinkled

Easy, healthy, delicious.