Our First Butter Board

Butter boards are the new charcuterie boards. 


We’re all familiar with charcuterie boards, they’re fun to build, aesthetically pleasing, and a great option when entertaining guests, but have you heard of a butter board? 


Yes, TikTok made us do it! 


Here’s our take on the latest snack trend! 



Butter - softened   

Fig Jam


Cheese - brie, goat or other white cheese 


Sliced Oranges 










Drizzled honey 

When creating your butter board all toppings can be adjusted to what you love. If you aren't too crazy about butter we recommend substituting goat cheese for this sweet and savory version.  You can make a butter board for breakfast with some fruit and honey or as an appetizer with cheese and nuts. These boards are going to be great for the holidays! 



Spread butter or cheese on your board 


Add jams or other spreads 


Add your toppings:  fruits, nuts, and cheeses 


Add a touch of honey to sweeten things up or sprinkle some of your favorite seasonings to taste!


Don’t forget the most important step…


Have your flatbread (any of our flavors original, rosemary and salt & pepper will be delicious) and get ready to dig in!