Mission to End Hunger

In 2005, when Jennifer had the idea for Jennifer’s Homemade, she went to Feeding South Florida (formerly Daily Bread Food Bank) before she ever made a sale. She wanted to donate a portion of proceeds to help end hunger. In 2007 Jennifer joined the board of directors of Feeding South Florida and for two of those years she served as the Vice President of the board. 

It is our honor to play a small part in support of World Central Kitchen’s mission in ensuring that everyone is met with a warm, nourishing meal. It is so powerful to see how World Central Kitchen brings people together to show the power that a plate of food can hold in even the darkest times. 

“The cause of food insecurity is a natural fit with our purpose to spread our love of food through our Breadsticks and Flatbread.”

Founder and CEO of Jennifer’s Homemade


A portion of proceeds are donated to help end hunger