Switching out the butter board for a breakfast board

Butter boards may be the new charcuterie board but our latest recipe may be your new morning essential. 

Yogurt and fruit are a common breakfast so why not combine the 2 and “fancy it up” a bit? Here’s an idea…a breakfast board! 



Greek Yogurt 

Fresh Strawberries  

Lemon Zest



Drizzled honey 

Our Original Flatbread (or your favorite flavor) 

This breakfast board is a great energy booster to start the day and even makes for a delicious brunch snack! 


Spread greek yogurt onto your board 

Grate lemon over yogurt

Add Toppings: sliced strawberries, blueberries, and almonds 

Add a touch of honey 

Enjoy fresh berries and yogurt plus that crunch we can't get enough of from our flatbread!

Fresh, Sweet and Delicious!