Goldman Sachs 10KSB Helps Miami's Small Businesses Flourish


Entrepreneurial Endeavors
Turning a passion project into a business venture is a common route taken by owners of small businesses. But what’s the best way to grow from being a home baker, personal trainer or wedding photographer to the owner of a thriving business? Here’s how: Join the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (10KSB) Program at Miami Dade College.

The 10KSB is a practical education program that provides entrepreneurs with valuable skills for growing their businesses – all at no cost. The curriculum includes mentoring, clinics and workshops that teach how to identify and evaluate opportunities, understand financial statements, hire, retain and lead employees, and create a comprehensive growth plan.

The breadsticks that Jennifer Behar baked for dinner parties were so popular that they sparked the start of her business, Jennifer’s Homemade, which she launched in 2005.

“I figured I could use my marketing background and my love of baking,” said Behar, a former advertising account executive. “I made my first sale at Gardner's Market. Then I made a bigger sale at Norman Brothers. I started selling nationally right off the bat.” Behar said her ingredients are the key.

“We make all-natural, vegan breadsticks and flatbreads,” she said. “What sets us apart is that they’re delicious. We never compromise on our quality ingredients.” Jennifer’s Homemade is now a national brand, found in stores such as Publix, Kroger and Whole Foods. 

Behar said the 10KSB Program was a big help: “It helped me take the time to look at every aspect of my business. I fine-tuned everything.”